Tobias on the dog’s bed. His winter coat is coming in. He’s eating more, plumping up and getting fluffy! I love him fluffy. Pics from October 2014. 

Tobias drinking from the dog’s water dish. He’s a snorkeler. Water is best when shaken off of the head and licked off the floor. Pics from October 2014. 

My sleepy little pirate. Pics from September 2014. 

Tobias just hanging around a new box. Pics from September 2014. 

Anonymous said: Is your ferret always out of their cage?? Does he get up to mischief? Also does he bite much? My little guy is overly excited all of the time and very bitey, so we don't let him out all of the time but I'd love to.

Well, as an animal behaviorist, I think your not letting him out much is exactly what is perpetuating your ferret’s over excitement and why he is extremely bitey. He clearly wants to be out more and when he finally gets a chance to be out, he goes all out. 

I have an advantage in that right now, I am not working, so this means Tobias can be out of his cage for at least 12 hours of the day. Of course, he probably spends 10 hours of that time sleeping in various places around the house. At night, Tobias sleeps in his cage. This is mostly because I don’t want him to disturb me in the middle of the night while I am sleeping. 

To be honest, I’m really lucky with Tobias. He doesn’t seem to get nearly into as much mischief as all the ferrets I read about here on various Tumblr accounts. Maybe this is a direct correlation to the fact he gets to spend so much time not in a cage, maybe it’s not. I can’t prove one way or the other. Does he get into mischief and drive me crazy sometimes? Sure, but compared to some of the stuff I’ve read with other ferrets, he’s a dream. So much of a dream, that when I leave the house, I don’t feel the need to put him back into his cage. 

Tobias doesn’t bite at all. Again, I’ve been really fortunate with him. He will play, he will wrestle, but he has never bitten a human being. He’ll chew on certain things, velcro being his favorite, but he doesn’t chew on things that could endanger his life,  like electric cords. 

Anonymous said: I'm looking into getting a ferret and I want a very playful outgoing personality. Do you recommend a male or female?

I’ve only had experience with male ferrets, so my opinion doesn’t matter much. Having said that though, as far as playfulness goes, it’s a ferret. Regardless of gender, they are playful animals. It’s important to also keep in mind that each ferret is an individual. Some may be more playful and outgoing than others but I don’t think gender has much to do with that. Age might though. As they get much older, they start to slow down. I think ferrets will adapt to your style of life as well. The more outgoing and playful you are with them, the more they will be with you. 

You must be my lucky star! Photos from August 2014. 

Tobias rolling around on a towel. Pics from July 2014. 

Tobias plays with my socks. Pics from July 2014. 

It’s my little man, Tobias. Pics from July 2014.